National Leadership

Nokhanyiso Ntiyantiya-Zwakala

Nokhanyiso Ntiyantiya-Zwakala is the founder of the inspirational Marriage group called Tshatile Tshatile Akho Kubuyamva. Her mission is to minimize the high rate of divorces, stop women & children abuse and to uplift the living standards of disadvantaged women through praying, teaching, advising and support each other. She want this group to be the best courageous, most respected and leading marriage group that identifies solutions to the most common problems and happiness in marriage.

Mrs Rotanda Nona Swartbooi - National Analyst

I am a God fearing wife, mother, daughter of Africa. I am a social and gender activist who lives to empower women through educating them about their God given wisdom. I believe that as married women we are indeed suitable helpers not just to our husbands but also in building the nation. I get my motivation from this quote“ A speaker of truth has no friends, speak the truth at all times, even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth” and from the book of Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding”

Sakhile Khonzi - National Deputy Administrator

Im Busisiwe Sakhi Xhola Konzi  a young widow,  am a mother of 2kids a girl and a boy whom I adore very much. I'm a born again a God fearing woman who was trusted by heavens to raise and nurture my kids . Im a caring loving person always willing to lend a helping hand whenever i can. When i feel weak and challenged lift up my spirit and regain my strength from a bible verse in Proverbs 14:1. I always smile even if im hurting.  I would love to grow old in Tshatile and be of good help to other mothers of my group.